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No Johnny no, the Apple Watch Edition is no two-faced: bargain hunting

Apple is literally warming up for its flagship launch this year. Apple Store workers are being trained, the department stores chosen to sell the Apple Watch edition are being prepared… But we go to what matters to us, the best deals we can find on Apple products (or that can serve us for our Apple Bite devices).

  • We start with Apple’s ultraportable, MacBook Air (at least until the new MacBook arrives to unseat it from this title). At mResell we have an 11-inch MacBook that’s about 4 years old for very little money.
  • Okay, so what you’re really looking for is an iMac. Right now on the Apple Online Store, we have a 27-inch i7 processor iMac for a great price. The iMac is from September 2013
  • The subscriber here is an iPad mini lover. If you’re looking for yours, right now in Apple’s refurbished section we have an iPad mini 2 at a more affordable price. We can buy it in almost any capacity with savings.
  • That you’re looking for some device or technological peripheral but you don’t know which one? At FNAC you can buy technology at a 15% discount if you are a member. And on top of that, they send you home free of charge.
  • If you are looking for an iPhone, but not the latest model, at mResell we have an unopened iPhone 5c, with an Apple warranty and free.
  • Now that bikini surgery is coming up and many of us have to start getting our act together so we don’t look too pathetic in our swimsuits, you might want to find an iPod to go with you on your workouts. At the Apple Store, we have a refurbished 32GB 4th generation iPod.
  • At mResell we have options if you’re looking for an iPad. Right now an iPad air with the possibility of using 16 GB white SIM.
  • Another option may be this unopened iPad air 2 with an Apple warranty until the end of the year. 128GB with WiFi + Cellular.
  • If you want more options we also have this 16GB iPad air with WiFi +Cellular with a current Apple warranty.
  • Let’s put iPads aside and focus on iMacs. A 27-inch iMac with a next-generation i3 processor. It’s about three years old, but it’s worth thinking about.
  • Next, a 13-inch MacBook air with a current Apple warranty and four weeks of life at a great price. The MacBook comes with everything – boxes, manuals, everything in perfect condition.
  • A refurbished 13-inch MacBook Pro with a retinal screen from the official Apple Store. The model introduced in 2013.
  • If you’re looking for more options for the MacBook Pro Retina with 13″ display, we have this one that’s just over 6 months old, with a current Apple warranty and a full box.
  • From 13-inch MacBooks Pro follows the thing… This one doesn’t have a retinal screen, but when you see its price you might not be so worried that it isn’t. The MacBook is only 3 years old, but I’m sure it’ll be around for a while.
  • Do you want to set up your own mediacenter at home? A Mac Mini is a great option to consider. This 4-month Mini with a current Apple warranty can help you get a truly “smart” TV.
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