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nine wired headphone options for iPhone and iPad

The tendency of manufacturers is to generate products that take us to a world without cables (or at least reduce them as much as possible). One of the sectors that is benefiting most from eliminating them is the headset sector . With Apple leading the way with its AirPods, we see more and more options on the market with the TWS callsign ( True Wireless ).

Despite the sense of freedom you get when you don’t have to worry about tangles or tugs, fully wireless headphones also have their problems . The first one that comes to mind is the battery life, which decreases as the weeks go by (and the recharges).

nine wired headphone options for iPhone and iPad
nine wired headphone options for iPhone and iPad

Although there are 3.5mm jack adapters for iPhone and iPad, in this post we bring you options that have a Lightning connector, i.e. that have been developed specifically for use with Apple mobile devices (with the exception of the 2018 iPad Pro).

Libratone Q Adapt

Of Danish origin, Libratone is a company specialized in sound products such as speakers and headphones. The Q Adapts are available in four different colors and feature CityMix, an adjustable noise reducer . It integrates a remote control to control the volume of music and calls, as well as four interchangeable tips. On Amazon they are priced at 61.36 euros.

Libratone Q Adapt – InEar Lightning Headset, white

Today on Amazon for 149,39

PALOVUE Lightning Earphones

Cheaper than the Libratone Q Adapt, we have the PALOVUE, with MFi certification ( Made For iPhone ) and with a noise cancellation microphone, plus a control for calls, volume and another multifunction button . They are adjustable to fit the ears of each user. They are on Amazon for 29.99 euros.

PALOVUE Magnetic Lightning Headset for Sport MFi certified with Noise Cancelling Microphone Driver Compatible iPhone XXRXSXS MAXiPhone 8P iPhone 7P NeoflowColor (Black)

Today on Amazon for 29,99


Under the brand Beats by Dr. Dre Apple launched the urBeats3. Although there is a version with a 3.5mm jack, this is the one with the Lightning connector. They stand out for their sound and ergonomic design , with a flat cable to avoid tangles. In addition, the headphones are magnetic. They have the RemoteTalk control to control Siri, music and calls. In Macnificos are for 64.00 euros.

urBeats3 headset with Lightning connector – Black

Price in Macnificos for 64,00 ? Today in Amazon for 64,95 ?

AmazonBasics Lightning MFi Headset

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, sells through its brand AmazonBasics products of all kinds at a good value for money. These black headsets are Apple certified (MFi), and are compatible with all Lightning devices with iOS 10 or later. They have a built-in remote and microphone as well as moisture protection for better resistance against sweat and splash . They are available for 18.99 euros.

AmazonBasics – Black Headphones with Lightning Connector and Apple MFi Certification

Today on Amazon for 18,99

Pioneer Rayz Plus

The Pioneer Rayz Plus is a Lightning headset for iPhone or iPad with a good amount of functions . To begin with, they have an integrated charging port so that you don’t have to disconnect them if you want to recharge the device’s battery. They have a Smart Button , and Hearthru mode to make way for ambient sounds in noise cancellation mode. They also have an automatic pause mode. Their price is 54.29 euros.

Pioneer Rayz Plus – Graphite Cable Headset

Today at Amazon for 62,65 ? in PcComponents for 140,00 ?

PALOVUE Earflow Plus

Another model from the manufacturer PALOVUE. The Earflow Plus is a headset with built-in DAC and dynamic controller ?10 . With MFi certificate, its design is ergonomic, with aluminum body . They are also magnetic to avoid tangling, and their control allows you to control calls, music playback and Siri. They are on Amazon for 22.99 euros.

PALOVUE Earflow Plus In-Ear Lightning Headset MFi Certified Magnetic Earphone with Microphone Driver Compatible with iPhone XXS(MAX)XR iPhone 8P iPhone 7P (Metallic Black)

Today on Amazon for 22.99Ebay for 45.75

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart

Sennheiser is another brand that specializes in sound products. The Ambeo Smart is a high quality headset for recording immersive 3D audio. They have a transparency function to allow users to hear what is going on around them, and allows easy switching between transparent mode, ANC or off either mode. It also has controls for volume, Siri and content control. On Amazon you can buy them by

299.00 euros88.99 euros.

Sennheiser Ambeo Smart – Microphone for 3D Video Sound

Today on Amazon for 64.99Ebay for 159.00

Amatage headphones

Another inexpensive headset, this time from Amatage. With certificate MFi, they have a good quality of sound and fidelity , besides a comfortable design to use them during a time. They have an isolation function to make music better heard in noisy environments, as well as a control knob for volume, calls, Siri and a microphone. On Amazon they are for 19.99 euros.

In-Ear Stereo Noise Cancelling HiFi Headset with Microphone and Volume Control with MFi Certificate Compatible with XXSXS MAXXR Phone 88 Plus Phone 77 Plus Black

Today on Amazon for 16,99

Belkin Rockstar

Also with a flat cable and MFi certified, the Belkin Rockstar is a headset designed specifically for use on the iPhone or iPad. Its cable is 1.1 meters long, and it incorporates several packs of earpads to achieve a good fit in the ears. They are waterproof and noise isolating . They have a multi-function button. They are available at Amazon for 49.99 euros.

Belkin Rockstar – iPhone Headset with Lightning Connector (Intra Headset designed for iPhone 11, 11 ProPro MAX, XS, XS MAX, XR, 88 Plus) Black

Today at Amazon for 26,00 ? in PcComponents for 59,12 ?

Bonus: Anker USB-C audio adapter to Lightning


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With this Anker adapter we can use any Lightning headset with a 2018 iPad Pro, MacBooks with USB-C port and other computers with different operating systems with this connector without any problem. It’s on Amazon for 27.99 euros.

Anker USB-C Audio Adapter to Lightning

Today on Amazon for 27,99

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