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nine intangible gifts for an Apple user

Usually an Apple product user is someone to whom it is not very complicated to give something, because you immediately think of cases for your devices or some adapter cable you need (now more than ever with the new MacBook Pro). And if your budget gets a little bigger, there’s always the idea of external hard drives for those Time Machine copies.

But sometimes the best gift is the one that cannot be touched . And for a machero there are several options for this kind of gift, which will stay with him for a few months at least. Don’t you know what I’m talking about? Well, take a look at the list because I’m sure there’s someone you know who would appreciate a gift like this.

iTunes and Apple Music Gift Cards

nine intangible gifts for an Apple usernine intangible gifts for an Apple user

A Gift Card with the balance you choose will give someone the opportunity to buy that song they were hesitant about or try Apple Music for a while beyond the three free months the service gives you. It can be sent electronically from the official website, and its balance can range from 10 to 500 euros. They can also be bought in many physical stores if you prefer that option.

Apps, albums, and movies from the App Store or iTunes Store

If the person you want to give a gift to wants something specific from the iTunes Store or App Store, you can give it to them as a gift. On the purchase form for whatever they want, you have the option to give it to someone, but keep in mind that you’ll need to make sure that person has a properly set up Apple account.


If you don’t like Apple’s music services, the main alternative is Spotify. The service has gift cards available at many physical stores, which can be redeemed for as many months of premium service as you like.

Space on iCloud Drive

There is no longer a way to give it away electronically, but you can always give someone an extension to their iCloud account. Besides, it’s not an expensive gift: 50 GB of space in the Apple cloud is only 12 euros. It can be solved with a handmade “gift voucher” followed by the detail of ” plus I set it up myself and you don’t have to worry about anything “.

Space in Dropbox

If you feel more generous there is also the option to do the same with Dropbox. The service has an option to make that gift, but it is not activated in Spain.


We talked about this paid application subscription service as soon as we heard about it, and it’s a great idea for anyone who spends hours every day in front of their Mac and is always curious to try out new applications. Unless it’s active for everyone, Setapp can be a great gift in advance.

Office 365

Okay, Pages and Google Docs are free services very useful for anyone with office needs. But for more than one, the inevitable solution is Office. And nothing like giving away a season of Office 365 to satisfy you. You can buy it here, and you will need the Microsoft account of the person you are giving it to.


Jennifer CEn Apple
Whether you have an Apple TV or not, an Apple user will welcome you to Netflix from any of their devices now that we can download their content for offline viewing. It can’t be done online, but in many physical stores you will find gift cards of the service.

By the way, don’t take any chances with accounts of dubious origin: the best thing is to play fair.


We ended up with the newest option: HBO. Nothing like telling that machero you hold in high esteem that for one season he can watch everything Game of Thrones without depending on operator services.