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Nine fun adventure and strategy games to download on Apple TV

We continue with our listings of games to spend free time without leaving home. This time we bring some recommendations for Apple TV users, who can get more out of their device, even more if they have a compatible controller (PS4 or Xbox One). In this opportunity we share with you 9 adventure and strategy games to make these days at home a little more entertaining.

1. Alto’s Adventure

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful games of recent times is Alto’s Adventure. This title has an infinite style dynamic that is simple to understand, and quite entertaining thanks to the richness it enjoys in graphics and high quality sound effects .

Nine fun adventure and strategy games to download on Apple TV
Nine fun adventure and strategy games to download on Apple TV

What players have to do is move around beautiful snowboarding scenarios with a character called Alto, while dodging rocks, collecting coins and performing different pirouettes. The idea is to complete certain quests to pass levels, and overcome obstacles along the way that become more complex with each new level. You can download Alto’s Adventure on your Apple TV for 5.49 euros.

2. Inmost

Now let’s go with a game that’s available on Apple Arcade for Apple TV. It is Inmost, an atmospheric and narrative adventure puzzle , in which three playable characters share a dark and intertwined story. The idea of Inmost is to invite users to explore every last corner of an old abandoned castle while avoiding their enemies, and finding secret passages.

As mentioned above, in order to play this entertaining title you must have a subscription to Apple Arcade .

3. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Classic

Initially released in 1992, this timeless saga features the popular blue hedgehog competing to save the world from Dr. Eggman’s weapon . Along with Sonic we have two of the most famous characters of the series, Tails and Knuckles. The game features a dozen different levels, as well as an online mode ideal for those times when we must stay at home. Those interested can download it on Apple TV for free.

4. Takeshi and Hiroshi

This is another recommendation that is available in Apple Arcade for Apple TV. Takeshi and Hiroshi is a typical Japanese game, in which players put themselves in the shoes of a character who creates a role-playing game for his brother . The idea is that you can create a fairly challenging game, but without it being too difficult, as the character is afraid that his brother will lose interest. To be able to play this title, ideal for those days when you have to be at home a lot, you must have an Apple Arcade subscription.

5. Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2 offers users a 3D gameplay in a colorful world that bears a striking resemblance to ‘The Legend of Zelda’. The idea of this title is to invite us to explore the world of Gaia, which is full of mythology and of course, many challenges to be faced.

Players must collect powerful objects, use their sword to defend themselves and use spells or a gun with which they can attack from a distance and with which the protagonist will be able to freeze the enemies . This game can also be enjoyed with an Apple Arcade subscription.

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6. Oddmar

This is the story of Oddmar, a curious Viking who has problems in his village and is not worthy of a place in Valhalla. The other Vikings do not respect him and he must prove his worth to them by completing 24 beautiful levels created by hand with physics puzzles and platforming challenges . This entertaining game can be downloaded for Apple TV for a price of 5.49 euros.

7. King’s league II

The idea of this strategy game is to recruit, train and prepare fighters of different types, who will participate in battles full of ingenuity . The players will have to lead their team to victory and move up in the league rankings. This title is available on Apple Arcade for Apple TV.

8. Decoherence

Here we have an interesting multiplayer title, ideal for lovers of robot and android battles . Decoherence invites players to build robots with a wide range of components, so that they can then design the perfect strategy that will lead them to victory. This game can also be found in Apple Arcade.

9. Badland 2

This is the sequel to Apple’s ‘Game of the Year’. This title invites players to drive a small black ball shaped creature through the forest, using its wings to maneuver in stages. It is important to make sure to avoid obstacles like water, fire and frost , to survive in each level.

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The game has an online version, where it is possible to challenge friends or strangers in online events that take place constantly. Badland 2 can be downloaded from the App Store for 0.49 euros.

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