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Nike straps for Apple Watch on sale

Nike has not broken its word and, with the rigour that characterises its launch campaigns, its four straps for the Apple Watch have been on sale since June 1st.

Customize your Apple Watch with these colors

Apple Watch Nike straps

Nike straps for Apple Watch on sale
Nike straps for Apple Watch on sale

It is therefore now possible to personalize the Apple Watch thanks to Nike with four different shades and combine them with the Nike Air VaporMax Flynit shoe line by matching a different model in the range. The Oregon-based multinational thus aims to make it profitable for these watches to have, above all, a sporting use.

If there is a reason for these straps to be characterized by the fact that they are very comfortable for the practice of any sport. They have a very effective ventilation system to allow sweat to escape and it is already known that aesthetically Nike always goes one step further than the rest, so they are an alternative to the official Apple straps. They are available, at the moment, only on Nike’s website for a starting price of 49 dollars and will soon be sold through their official stores.

Nike’s next step, making sneakers that interact with your iPhone

Apple and Nike are on the way to forming a team of the present and future , although at first sight it seems that we are talking about direct competition. Nike shoes are compatible with Apple devices in terms of connection, allowing a runner to have a record on his wrist of all the data transmitted by the shoe in each step. The NBA stars have become the best icons of both brands and last summer more than one could be seen performing the preseason with the help of Apple and Nike. Now the focus is on the fight for the ring and the best bets place the Golden State Warriors as the main candidates for the ring, as you can see here on this website.

But once the final is over, it will be just a matter of time before we see, once again, some players running on the beach equipped with the latest in sports technology, and for this to happen, the pairing between Apple and Nike is required.

At the same time that the belts have come on the market the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit for a price of 190 dollars, which at the exchange rate has been about 167 euros . And according to the first unofficial estimates, sales are on track to exceed all expectations. It remains to be seen if the success that Nike is predicting with this campaign can be extended to future launches, such as the one planned with the new basketball designs. The summer is already a reality and more than one has been seduced to try to shape the silhouette before showing off on the beach in August. At the moment, the thermometer is giving a break and it is still possible to go for a run before nightfall without losing heart in the attempt.

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