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Nike says goodbye to the FuelBand to focus on software

Nike was one of the first companies to bet on wearables as we know them today. But the appearance of the M7 coprocessor seems to have been a turning point for the company, which plans to stop manufacturing portable hardware , its famous FuelBand bracelets, and would have already fired most of the team of 80 people working on its development.

This change of focus comes as a result of the entry into the scene of the M7 coprocessor, which has allowed this strategic change, now focusing its efforts on the software instead of the FuelBand, promoting the development of applications such as Nike+ Move , taking advantage of all the potential that the M7 gives to this type of application.

Nike says goodbye to the FuelBand to focus on software
Nike says goodbye to the FuelBand to focus on software

As competition in the field of wearables has increased, with the emergence of strong competitors such as Jawbone and Fitbit, Nike has chosen to shift its focus to applications. The company’s spokesman confirmed this news and stated that Nike continually aligns its resources with the company’s business priorities, and that, in line with this change in priorities, they have made changes to the team. Even so, will continue to sell and support the current FuelBands .

For months Nike has been debating what to do with the FuelBand line because they were having various problems of a financial nature and also in recruiting engineers to work on the project, engineers who have even lost, some of them to the ranks of Apple.

To mitigate this, Nike is betting heavily on a business incubator in San Francisco called Fuel Lab that will allow developers to create products that incorporate NikeFuel technology and connect to Nike+ through an API that the company will launch in the fall.

Could Apple and its iWatch have something to do with all this? That’s the first thing that came to mind as soon as the news came out. Tim Cook, besides being one of the members of Nike’s board of directors, has always shown his admiration for the FuelBand and if you add to that the strong relationship that both companies have had throughout these years, iOS being always the platform where Nike launched its products, it could well have some kind of influence on this decision.