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Nike+ Move now available on the App Store

Nike+ Move (Gratis)

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Nike+ Move now available on the App StoreNike+ Move now available on the App Store

With the appearance of the iPhone 5s came, alongside the main processor, a motion co-processor called the Apple M7. This would allow motion data to be collected much more accurately and precisely. The possibilities are endless and Nike has launched the first application that makes full use of the benefits of this processor. With Nike+ Move we will be able to collect our daily physical activity in a detailed way.

With the appearance of the all-powerful iPhone 5s, many new internal features were introduced . One of these was the 64-bit A7 processor, but this didn’t come alone. Along with it, they incorporated a motion coprocessor called the M7. Thanks to this, the data and parameters that our device can now collect are much greater , more precise and we manage to free the rest of the components from this burden.

At the presentation of the new iPhone, we were already able to see a first impression of the application and how it would benefit from the new device and it was today when it appeared on the App Store. A software exclusive to the iPhone 5s that will allow us to obtain better statistics on our physical activity. One more incentive to get in shape! .

The features of the new motion coprocessor along with the appearance of a new API CoreMotion in iOS7, allows the application to track our movements very precisely and then convert them to NikeFuel , unit of measurement used by the US company and which motivates all its users to reach the top of their lists .

Another great feature is the possibility to continue collecting information even with the phone in standby . Thanks to this, our device will avoid extra battery consumption by having the application in the background. Without a doubt, these are all advances in moderating the consumption of our device.

The appearance of the M7 motion coprocessor has opened up a new path of possibilities in the world of iOS applications. The first to arrive has been Nike with its Nike+ Move but in the not too distant future more will begin to arrive. In the meantime, athletes and owners of the iPhone 5s will see their data strictly collected. What the iPhone 5s has brought under the hood is giving, and will give, a lot to talk about .

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