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Nike launches three new straps for the Apple Watch

Nike has announced in the last hours that it will launch three new straps for the Apple Watch that will arrive to the market this Friday, November 16th. It is not known if these straps will be sold separately being compatible with any version of the Apple Watch or if on the contrary they will be sold together with the Apple Watch Nike+, the version of smartwatch that has the sport brand with Apple.

One Nike Sport and two Nike Sport Loop

Three are the straps that the sports company has announced through a discreet announcement in the app. Two of them are model Sport Loop , in Celestial Teal (sky blue) and Smokey Mauve (mauve pink). The remaining model corresponds to a Sport in Olive Flak (dark green).

Nike launches three new straps for the Apple Watch
Nike launches three new straps for the Apple Watch

New Nike straps for the Apple Watch

The Sport model is built in silicone which has the characteristic holes in its surface that we can already see in the rest of the straps we have in the catalogue. The Sport Loop straps on the other hand are made of an elastic nylon with reflective braids and will join the Black and Smmit White that already came with the Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+.

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Limitations of these new belts

The price of these new straps is not confirmed but could be 59 euros like the straps we are currently in the Apple Store of this brand. There is also no information about whether they will be sold separately, although the strategy Apple usually takes is to sell them only with the Apple Watch Nike+ when the straps are released and a few months later they start to be sold separately .

Apple Watch Nike+ together with Apple Watch 3

Another problem we will find, and this is confirmed, is that the new straps will only be available in the sports brand’s online store . This is a move that will be agreed with Apple but for many will be a drawback if they are not carriers of an Apple Watch of the sports brand and are interested in acquiring these new straps.

What do you think of these new straps for the Apple Watch? Tell us your impressions in the comments.

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