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Night mode” comes to your iDevice with iOS 7

Cydia, the largest provider of software and modifications available for your iDevice if you are a user with jailbreak done, brings us this particular tweak of modifying the interface of your device with iOS 7, which basically and briefly changes the system color to dark .

If there is a common feature to highlight with regard to the different tweaks that exist, it is that tries to fill, to a greater or lesser extent, or at least satisfy the different tastes or preferences of each user , something that in reference to Apple devices becomes necessary due to the excessive rigidity of its operating system in this aspect.

Night mode” comes to your iDevice with iOS 7
Night mode” comes to your iDevice with iOS 7

With Eclipse, we move from an interface and system dominated by white and grey colours basically, to one with predominance of dark tones , which makes the change of interface quite remarkable and appreciable being able to satisfy the tastes of those demanding users with different chromatic customizations. An example is shown in the following video:

After what has already been explained, it is necessary to ask ourselves if Eclipse, is a simple tweak of chromatic personalization and nothing more, or if it can add some advantages in what refers to the use and utilization of our iDevice .

Through the analysis of Eclipse, we have been able to confirm that does not remain a simple modification, or a simple change towards a darker shade , but that it has for example the following advantages

– Benefits of night mode: In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the night mode provides a higher quality of vision on your device’s screen, especially in terms of night-time use, making your eyes less annoyed and suffering .

– Change in the tones of the characters: Eclipse, also allows us to proceed to change the tonality of the characters, establishing for example the color orange for the same, which grants a powerful capacity of contrast .

– Activation of darkened wallpapers: by means of this tweak , you can activate the darkened wallpapers, so that in addition to the above benefit, better matches the design with what would be the new appearance of the system .

In short, while it is a tweak , relating to the pure physical customization of the interface of your iDevice , it also brings other advantages that we should take into account , especially if we are one of those users who spend many hours a day giving intense and prolonged use to our device.

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