Nexus 6 May Come to Market During August

The rumor was born out of Google’s idea to launch its flagship smartphone in time for it to compete directly with the smartphones of its main competitors: Samsung and Apple .

Apple may be planning to launch the iPhone 6 between the months of September and October , following the company’s traditional launch schedule for its mobile device. Samsung, meanwhile, announced during the MWC that the Galaxy S5 will arrive in stores on April 11 .

Nexus 6 May Come to Market During August
Nexus 6 May Come to Market During August

Initially it was expected that Google would launch the Nexus 6 between May and June, although now we are talking about August as the month of arrival in the stores , and would do so with some new features that would be able to compete directly with the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5, which are expected to be the main players in the market at the time of the launch of the next terminal of the company’s most used search engine.

The Screen

If LG recently released the LG Pro 2 with a 5.9-inch screen, the sixth generation of Nexus, it could have a screen that would reach 6 inches and have a 2K resolution .

The above statement is not at all unreasonable, because as you can see, 2K technology is becoming the standard for the smartphone display in 2014. Some rumors say that Samsung could launch a “Premium” version of the Galaxy S5 within a few months with this technology and Apple, meanwhile, could also include this screen resolution to the iPhone 6 .

The Processor

The iPhone 5s, was the first mobile device to include a 64-bit processor when it was introduced at the end of last year. In order not to be left behind, Google should take this into account and include in the Nexus 6 a processor capable of working with the same bits. We don’t know if a Snapdragon CPU will be ready in time to be included in the new smartphone, but Google could ask Samsung to supply them with 64-bit chips for that generation.

That would mean that the next Nexus could have a eight-core processor , Exynos, something that would not be crazy considering that both companies have common ties with Android.

Fingerprint sensor

Finally, you may have heard that Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S5 with a fingerprint sensor, just as Apple did with the iPhone 5s last year. This would be another aspect to be followed by Google, because if you want to be competing for this year’s best smartphone, the fingerprint scanner cannot be missing in the Nexus 6.

Despite all the news expected with the Nexus 6, as the guys on thenewstribe claim, it is believed that the price will not be much higher than its predecessor , so that could be a big plus for the device, which would make the device a really irresistible smartphone .

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