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next year’s models can have Touch ID under the display

Bloomberg’s team, including Mark Gurman, has released another leak regarding the new features we will see on the 2020 iPhones (next Tuesday’s are already quite clear). According to the media, Apple is already testing a new technology that they have researched to place a Touch ID sensor under the iPhone’s screen .

The source who revealed this to Bloomberg, who prefers to remain anonymous, comments that optimistically we could see this technology on the iPhones of 2020 . However there may be delays because of any obstacles that come up that would lead to not seeing this technology until 2021.

next year’s models can have Touch ID under the display
next year’s models can have Touch ID under the display

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Reading the fingerprint by putting your finger on a screen is something that is already available on several competing smartphones, but we already know Apple: they want to use their own technology so they can get better efficiency and quality in the process. The challenge they would have right now in Cupertino is not to find a way to achieve that, but to be able to mass produce it . The sooner they find it, the sooner we’ll have that Touch ID reader in our hands.

But why do that? Wasn’t Face ID the future of biometric identification at Apple? Maybe Apple is looking to retrieve Touch ID for that cheap 4.7-inch iPhone that has recently appeared in the rumor mill? Well, no, because the same source reveals that that cheap iPhone model will keep the Home button and therefore will still retain the fingerprint sensor there.

It seems that the idea is that Touch ID will come back to the fore , with a motive that we don’t know about at the moment. But at the same time, improved sensors for Face ID would also be released, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the two technologies coexisted. Perhaps what Apple is looking for is a much more secure method of authentication, where we will have to look at the device and place our finger on the screen at the same time. Or maybe we’ll just be given a choice of the unlocking and authentication method we want.

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It all depends on how the manufacturing tests Apple does with these new fingerprint sensors under the screen go, but with all this data coming in from Bloomberg it’s clear that we’ll see it either next year or the year after that at the latest. In 2020 we will also see the arrival of the 5G to the iPhone , in addition to 3D cameras that will help enhance the experience of augmented reality that are planning from the Apple Park.

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