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News on passwords and new functions

The popular browser created and distributed by Mozilla, Firefox, comes to the mac with its new update: version number 76. This version includes interesting new features such as support for Image within image (PiP), improvements in the password manager or more integration with Zoom .

The main new feature of this version of Firefox is the improvements of Firefox Lockwise , a service that allows us to save all our passwords in a similar way as Safari does. Lockwise goes beyond saving passwords and allows us to receive alerts when an account has been compromised . In addition, it recommends that we change short, vulnerable or reused passwords on various websites. What about security? All our passwords are encrypted so that Firefox does not have access to them, only we, after entering the corresponding password, will be able to see them.

News on passwords and new functions
News on passwords and new functions

As for the functionality of Image within image (PiP), in this version, Firefox adds support for this system, allowing us to watch the videos in a small window while doing other activities or continuing to browse other websites.

Last but not least, this version adds support for Audio Worklets , which will allow us, in short, to participate in Zoom meetings (and other services) directly in the browser without any extra software .

At AppleHow to audit our web and app passwords

We can download Firefox 76 from your website or upgrade directly from the app if it’s already installed on our Mac. No doubt small but interesting news.