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News from Colors in its new update

Colors (Gratis)

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News from Colors in its new update
News from Colors in its new update

Mobile phone games are a phenomenon that is becoming more alive and well as time goes by. Any user of any operating system can access a large catalogue with a wide variety of games , in particular, users of Apple and the iOS operating system, have a very varied range from which to choose a huge number of titles.

It is here within the phenomenon of games for mobile devices, and more specifically games for the iOS operating system, where we find Colors, an addictive game that will test our ability to react , speed and patience.

Of Spanish creation, and having already been news in Applesupportphonenumber before, today it is because it is updated and incorporates a series of new features that are convenient to take into account , and that, without a doubt, if you are a user of this addictive game, you may be even more of a fan of it.

Firstly, and to start with, regarding gameplay issues, two important novelties are the inclusion of two new game modes: Time and Frenzy. In the Time mode, we can enjoy a more leisurely experience, and according to what we have seen, of less difficulty, although it also requires concentration, speed and reaction time. The Frenzy mode is something else, and it lives up to its name, only suitable for the fastest and with greater difficulty, a delight for the most demanding users without any doubt.

Secondly, an important improvement is the change in the advertising that appears in the game, which is less invasive , and even goes unnoticed at times, something that is always welcome and improves the user experience in almost all cases.

In addition to the above, with the update of Colors, we find modifications in small details of its physical appearance, new enhancers that during the game will help you get more score, as well as new features that we will discover as we advance in our use of the game.

In short, with this new version 1.2, we can go deeper into what was already Colors, improve some aspects , and we can follow, thanks to its perfect interaction and integration with Twitter and Facebook, and with the Game Center, competing with our friends and checking who is the fastest of us all.

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