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New wireless charging case for AirPods to arrive in December

Replacing our traditional headphones, those that require a tedious cable that often takes hours to untangle, seemed unnecessary until Apple made it a priority with its innovative AirPods, which despite their late delivery times, became a sales hit.

And although many of us had hoped that in the last keynote, Apple would be able to present a second generation of these, we had to settle for a version 1.2 with subtle improvements. So, what was really noticeable about the new Airpods was their cartridge, which works with Qi induction charging and has the indicator LED on the outside, which eliminates the requirement to open them to check the battery status.

New wireless charging case for AirPods to arrive in December
New wireless charging case for AirPods to arrive in December

But, Apple didn’t think of this new wireless charging box just to make our lives happier, as this strategy is sold separately. And yes, it’s perfect for charging on the also announced AirPower which will also work to charge without connectivity the iPhone X, the Apple Watch LTE.

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Although in principle, Apple said that this new version would arrive in early 2018, new rumors indicate that could arrive in December of this year at a price of $69, almost 80 euros. While the AirPods and the charger together, the price is not yet unknown.

So, considering that it only highlights one feature without which we can survive, it doesn’t seem like a good deal to just renew the AirPod charger, but to purchase it with the headphones in conjunction in case these accessories are not yet in your Apple accessories collection.

An improved version, worth calling AirPods 2, is expected to arrive in 2018 and among other revisions will include a W2 chip that would improve its autonomy and charging speed.

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