new web and advantages argument

El Mac en la empresa

For years, Apple has struggled with its habit of making consumer products that are carefully designed and have simple interfaces. In short, the image of devices that are closer to leisure and entertainment than to any other device used in the business segment. However, the evolution of the iPhone, its platform and the subsequent irruption of the iPad, have meant that companies are beginning to bet heavily on the products of the apple.

new web and advantages argument
new web and advantages argument

Tim Cook and company are clear that a great path of growth and expansion of their product catalog and ecosystem can come from the corporate market, and are determined to bet hard on it. The last show we have known just a few hours with the presentation of a specific website called ‘The Mac in the company’, which shows all the argument of advantages of using their products in the workplace.

Apple knows that one of its strongest points is the inexhaustible references that its application stores provide for practically all the problems that a worker may face at work, perhaps for this reason, one of the arguments presented is the freedom of choice of applications of the different ecosystems of those of Cupertino, but also the short learning curve : Apple systems are used practically from the first minute, with the reduction in training costs that this implies.

And the issue of training and support is not trivial: IBM estimates a saving of 270 euros for each Mac used instead of a PC for these concepts, noting also that only 5% of Mac users in the company require some form of technical support (compared to 40% of PC users). There are plenty of examples on the web of the specific solutions given for each problem, and also quotes such as that of SAP’s IT services director: “A modern company has to offer the Mac. At SAP we have done that, and now employees are more motivated and have changed their perception of IT”.


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