New video shows how Apple Park has evolved over the past year

Steve Jobs’ latest major project seems to be getting closer and closer to completion. Known as Apple Campus 2 , although now christened Apple Park , it represents a true work of engineering and design.

When the project was just an idea, and the final result could only be seen in drawings, it looked like a work out of a science fiction story .

New video shows how Apple Park has evolved over the past year
New video shows how Apple Park has evolved over the past year

Now, and thanks to images obtained by drones, it is possible to know the progress of the work and see with real images what was only a futuristic idea.

At an approximate cost of 5 billion dollars , and on a surface of 260 thousand square meters , the Apple Park will house about 12 thousand people .
In addition to the design that has been put into this work, Apple has tried to provide the buildings with the latest technology in sustainability and care for the environment .

The Apple Park will not only be Apple’s new headquarters, as we will find it in the same place:

  • Coffee: more precisely 7 cafeterias, where the largest will have a capacity of 3 thousand people sitting
  • Auditorium: Known as the Steve Jobs Theater, it will have a capacity for a thousand people and cylindrical glass walls for a 360-degree view of the green space outside.
  • Gym: with laundry service, showers and fitness equipment.
  • R+D facilities: Composed of two buildings, totaling 28 thousand square meters.
  • Parking spaces: with a capacity of 11 thousand spaces
  • Visitor Center: 1800 square meters for visitors to learn more about the company

With some delays, but at a steady pace, it is now possible to know the progress of the works.

Thus, Matthew Roberts , has uploaded to his YouTube channel a video, as it happened before, where you can see how the current state of the work is compared to the previous months .

This way we know in more detail how the work is progressing.
The main ring , which is the distinctive sign of this work, can now be seen with a design very similar to the one it will finally have.

Center ring of the Apple Park

The “Steve Jobs” auditorium can be seen with much of the final design finished. It is expected to open its doors later this year.

Steve Jobs” Auditorium of Campus Park

The main access tunnel also shows signs of progress. The passage of some vehicles can be observed.

Apple Park Main Tunnel

The Research and Development (R&D) facilities can be seen practically completed. Showing even the parking spaces in use.

Apple Park R&D facilities

The training center will be very large, and in these images it is possible to see its magnitude.

Giant Apple Park Training Center

The 11 thousand parking spaces also show their progress.

Apple Park parking spaces

As we see the advances are more than evident , and in spite of being aerial images, it is possible to see the magnitude of this pharaonic work.

In the video you can see other details, such as a mound of earth that seems to have disappeared, among other parts of the work.

Without knowing for sure the completion dates, it is possible to presume that is not too far away for the Apple Park to open its doors.

Many of the installations are shown as almost finished , and probably a few details are missing. Also the gardening tasks are still to be finished.

Nor do we know of any progress on the work inside, but it must surely go hand in hand with the outside.

No doubt a work that will make the world talk about Apple, and will show an image of even greater power for the company.

Surely a place to visit for those who have the opportunity to travel to Cupertino.

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