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New versions of iPhone 7 and 8 may arrive in Germany soon

Apple is not having a good time in Germany. The company has been forced to withdraw iPhone 7 and 8 from sale in Germany due to legal disputes with Qualcomm. And although Cupertino’s saw a court recently dismiss up to four lawsuits by the chip manufacturer, it is true that they have not ceased to be pressured to withdraw the aforementioned iPhone models from the German market altogether.

We have now learned, as reported by the German media WinFuture, that the company led by Tim Cook may be about to launch a new iPhone 7 and 8 which, although they would be the same in essence, would introduce a series of internal changes to be able to ‘break’ the ban in Germany.

New versions of iPhone 7 and 8 may arrive in Germany soon
New versions of iPhone 7 and 8 may arrive in Germany soon

Winfuture claims that from Apple are ready for the new versions of iPhone 7 and 8 to be released in just four weeks . Although this deadline is not exact it is very likely that it will not exceed because some retailers have already received lists with the numbers of the new models that will be released.

The German source providing this information does not give all the numbers of the new devices but gives some as MN482ZD which corresponds to a black iPhone 7 Plus with 128 GB of storage. It also gives one corresponding to a iPhone 8 with 64 GB, the MQ6K2ZD. Note that none of these numbers match any existing model of iPhone 7 and 8.

Although it has not been officially confirmed that this release will take place, the FOSS Patents blog has given WinFuture a lot of credibility with regard to the reliability of its information.

A similar situation to Germany already existed in China due to the legal dispute in which Qualcomm accused Apple of violating several patents. In this case, the company released a software update that was able to circumvent the sales ban. In the German case we can see how it is more complicated and will make it necessary to also have a relaunch of the iPhone 7 and 8 including hardware changes that will solve the patent infringement problems.

What do you think about this news? Do you think Apple will manage to overcome the ban on sales of the iPhone 7 and 8 with this new version of the devices? Tell us your impressions in the comments.

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