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New version of Tweetbot now available for iOS 7

Tweetbot para iPhone (2,69 euros)

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New version of Tweetbot now available for iOS 7
New version of Tweetbot now available for iOS 7

This new version, which will delight more than one person, brings a new design in the style of iOS 7 and a long list of new features. The price remains at 2.69 euros for new users, even for those who already enjoyed the app until now. If you liked the previous version, you’re going to love this one.

Today, Twitter users are in luck. Tapbots, the company behind the Tweetbot application, is launching its third version of this extraordinary Twitter client. As we announced a few days ago, Tweetbot 3.0 has not been long in coming, and is now available for download on Apple’s mobile operating system . This new version brings under the arm a deep redesign following the iOS 7 style guidelines.

The change has really been substantial. As we were told, is worth the wait as it is not only a mere adaptation of the top part of the interface, but it looks totally different but retains the operation of the previous version and the same functionalities. At the moment is only for iPhone and iPod touch, the iPad version is on its way as far as we know.

In addition to the new design, the new version 3.0 brings some new features. For example, the ability to add to the reading list synchronized through iCloud the interesting links, a function already present in the Mac version of the Twitter client. It also incorporates the refreshing of the content in the background and some parts of the application have been improved, especially in terms of touches to give.

I miss, like many other users as I can read on my timeline is for example the triple tap to respond quickly to a tweet. But don’t miss the animations, the funny sounds and the transparencies. Even the circular avatars give Twitterrific an air, don’t you think?

The best thing is that it continues to package those features with which we current Tweetbot lovers could not live without like iCloud synchronization between different devices of the position or direct messages, the mute, the media mode introduced relatively recently, streaming on Wi-Fi or multiple image upload services.

Unfortunately or not this new version is a paid version . That is, whether or not you have any of the previous versions this is a new application that will force us to check out whether we want to or not. With a special price for the release right now is 2.69 euros . As we were told, the market is too bad to give away updates due to the demands of Twitter.

A few years ago they already surprised us with the quality of their application, we are sure that this time it will not be less. Even if Twitter doesn’t want it, Tweetbot is the best iPhone client in iOS 7.

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