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new version of the application for macOS

It happens every time Apple updates its desktop operating system: large companies take advantage of it to renew their software and even update their interface. This is the case with Creative Cloud , the Adobe Mac application that also manages the installation of other Adobe applications and manages the files we save in its cloud storage.

Creative Cloud now abandons the form of a drop-down menu from the system menu bar to a full window , from which subscribers to a plan with the same name can see what applications they have installed and manage their plan.

new version of the application for macOS
new version of the application for macOS

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Besides being able to manage the files you create, from the new version of Creative Cloud you have the possibility of accessing tutorials and libraries of material . We can also maintain our Adobe Portfolio, which we can use to promote ourselves as creatives. Basically, Adobe wants you to use the Creative Cloud not as a simple shuttle of your applications, but as a center from which to manage all your services, programs and files that you create with it.

Remember that in order to use the Creative Cloud (along with other Adobe applications) you must subscribe to a business plan to be able to install one or more of its programs. Monthly fees start at 12.09 euros per month for using Photoshop and Lightroom.

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