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New USB 3.2 will double the data rates of existing cables

If you’re the kind of person who copies hundreds of photos or giant video files onto your external hard drive, know that there’s good news: the USB ports are about to double speed again. The USB Implementers Forum 3.0, which includes Apple, HP, Intel, Microsoft and other companies, released a cable specification yesterday, which is called USB 3.2 and will replace the current USB 3.1.

An incremental upgrade to USB 3.2 is designed to define multi-way operation for USB 3.2 devices. USB Type C cables already support multi-way operation, and with USB 3.2, hosts and devices can be created as multi-way solutions, allowing two 5 GB per second or two 10 GB per second ways. With support for two 10GB per second transfer rates, performance is essentially doubled over existing USB-C cables . A faster USB is useful if you are restoring data from a drive, backing up your music collection or transferring video. In the future the USB-C could also be used to connect monitors.

New USB 3.2 will double the data rates of existing cablesNew USB 3.2 will double the data rates of existing cables

To take advantage of USB 3.2 you will need devices that support it . That said, assuming that both host and receiver devices are USB 3.2 compliant, even older USB 3.0 cables will work at faster speeds of up to 2 GB per second. Therefore, assuming the manufacturers support it, there will be some advantages in adapting the new specification, even if you cannot yet upgrade .

Along with two-way operation, USB 3.2 continues to use SuperSpeed USB data rates and encoding techniques, and will introduce a small update to the hub specifications for seamless transitions between single channel and two-way operation .


We will learn more about this in Vancouver, Canada next September 26th, within the USB developers conference .