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New update for GoodBarber

This isn’t the first time we’ve told you about GoodBarber in Applesupportphonenumber. Well, the mobile application development service wants to continue improving, and they have announced new features in their software , which will allow to create a more attractive interface and user experience .

In addition, a new navigation mode, an improved CMS, the native version and an HTML5 version of it are included. This update will be presented at the Mobile World Congress, and this year they have worked hard to provide new tools for the development of the best user experience, and make it easier for the programmer.

New update for GoodBarber
New update for GoodBarber

As for the display mode, we will have nine navigation templates and lists to present our content in the best way . We choose the one that best suits our project and the rest becomes a piece of cake.

Remember that GoodBarber has an integrated CMS , and that will give us the possibility to write articles or publish photos directly from the web interface.

Also have created a new program for resellers and agencies , where they offer us a basic version for white label applications, advanced features for developers and discounts depending on the number of apps created.

But it doesn’t end here, because GoodBarber will also offer applications in HTML5 web version , so they can be used in any browser regardless of the platform we use. The application will be exactly the same as the native version we have created.