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New summer workshops at the Spanish Apple Store


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New summer workshops at the Spanish Apple Store
New summer workshops at the Spanish Apple Store

The most ignorant often claim that Apple computers are too expensive. But when you buy an Apple product you don’t just buy the piece of hardware itself. That price includes a experience and a series of services that other brands don’t offer, and that until a little less than a year ago, we couldn’t enjoy in Spain.

I mean the Apple Store. In addition to stores where Apple products are sold, we can also enjoy the attention of technicians who will solve our doubts and problems. As if this weren’t enough, every few months we organize seminars and courses to teach newcomers how to get the most out of their Mac or iPhone.

The last thing Cupertino surprises us with is the organization of a three-day summer camp to be held at the Apple Store in Madrid and Barcelona . The best thing about them is that they are free and you don’t need to have anything from Apple to access them.

On the first day the basics of creating a film will be taught, starting with the script and the storyboard . Parents, if they wish, can learn how to use the Mac OS X parental controls in a short session.

On day two you learn to use iMovie on the Mac and Garageband on the iPad. They also record video so they can process it in iMovie. If you don’t want to attend on day three, you can take your finished movie on day two.

The third day will be the premiere of the films and everyone will enjoy their little moment of glory.

We talk in any case about small sessions of 90 minutes per day , and the assistants have to bring a video camera and an authorization signed by their parents with the consent. Children must be between 8 and 12 years old .



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