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New Samsung Galaxy S9 outperforms iPhone X according to AnTuTu

Today saw the official start of MWC 2018, which is being held at the Fira de Barcelona until 1 March. Yesterday, several companies presented their new devices for this year, such as Samsung, with the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ , which we talked about in a post yesterday.

And although it has not been officially presented for 24 hours, this new Samsung device has already passed several tests in order to know whether or not its power is better than the rest of the competing terminals such as the iPhone X.

New Samsung Galaxy S9 outperforms iPhone X according to AnTuTu
New Samsung Galaxy S9 outperforms iPhone X according to AnTuTu

From the beginning we know that the processor of these new devices, the Exynos, has the best CPUs that we can find in the market today if we talk about technical specifications, and this has been seen in the tests with AnTuTu.

One of the tests that we take almost always as a reference to make comparisons between devices is AnTuTu , and when passing it to the Samsung Galaxy S9+ it has given the score of 243,648 points, being well above the score received by the iPhone X. In the following table you can see the different scores on the competing devices.

There is a notable difference between the two terminals, but this is not the only test that has been passed on both devices. If we look at other types of tests now we can see that the iPhone X comes out well ahead of Samsung’s new Galaxy and this is because the performance of Qualcomm’s processor cores never exceeds that of Apple’s.

In spite of this, the reference test in the current market is AnTuTu, as most of you will know. Apple’s goal here is to overcome this new barrier set by Samsung. Although as I said yesterday, this is just numbers, the real potential winner will be decided when we have both in our hands.

A mobile can paint very well on paper, but it really matters in our daily lives. What conclusions do you draw from these results?