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New Samsung announcement highlights iPhone 5

Samsung continues to concentrate all its efforts on convincing users that Apple devices leave something to be desired . And it does so with a new announcement comparing the capabilities of the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III, the smartphone they are most proud of.

The main message of the announcement reads something like “The next big thing was already among us” , alluding to the fact that the new Apple smartphone has not meant any improvement over what they had been offering for months. Not in vain, in a somewhat suspicious table they compare the capacities of both terminals. Of course, only those that interest them.

New Samsung announcement highlights iPhone 5
New Samsung announcement highlights iPhone 5

As if that wasn’t enough, they accompany the comparison with a funny sign that says “You don’t have to be a genius” , pointing out that on paper it is obvious that the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S III is better than that of the iPhone 5.

However, there are a few things that the comparison doesn’t mention, like the pixel density of the screens or the amount of quality applications in their stores (App Store and Android Market, respectively).

The Koreans have had the occurrence of comparing some things that are not very well known if they are an advantage or a disadvantage . For example, those of you who have tried S Voice, Samsung’s virtual assistant, will agree that it is light years away from the quality of responses from Siri or Google Now. They also include things like NFC that in practice nobody uses but make the terminal more expensive.

We are sure that such an aggressive advertising campaign has to work well for Samsung , otherwise they wouldn’t be so eager to despise the terminals that Apple is bringing out.

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