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New Samsung Ad Mocks iPhone 6 Screen

New “Screen Envy” spot criticizes iPhone screen size

It seems that Apple is still one of the main sources of inspiration for Samsung advertisers when it comes to making ads. The South Korean company has just launched a new ad called “Screen Envy” in which they make fun of the current screen size of the apple phones and the rumors about the screen magnification on iPhone 6.

Recently they launched a spot called “Wall huggers”, something like wall lovers, in which they made fun of the fact that iPhone users always have to have a wall and a charger close by because they can’t change the battery. Now, the main topic on which their mockery revolves is the screen , all the rumors that revolve around the future smartphone and the possibility that it comes with a larger screen.

New Samsung Ad Mocks iPhone 6 Screen
New Samsung Ad Mocks iPhone 6 Screen

In this spot on the Galaxy S5 they point out that the fact that the iPhone 6 has a large screen is nothing new as these screen sizes have been on the market for a long time.

Samsung points out that big screens have been around for a long time

The new ad called “Screen Envy” shows us two friends sitting in a cafe and the one with an iPhone tells the other that the iPhone could bring a bigger screen , to which the friend, owner of a Galaxy S5, responds by asking if it has not happened yet.

At that moment the image is paralyzed and we are told that because of what some have been waiting for for two years and that it is supposed to be great already exists . Also, he comments that maybe the viewer likes to wait.

Of course, the ad ends with the Galaxy S5 slogan “The next big thing is here” while the voice-over tells us that “it’s everything you’ve been waiting for, 5.1 inches of high definition in the Galaxy S5″ .

Samsung tries not to lose market share to the arrival of iPhone 6

The South Korean company has just spent several quarters that have not been as good as they had hoped. In addition, expects its market share to drop in the coming quarters due to Apple’s arrival in the market of devices with screens larger than 5 inches starting this fall.

Finally, remember that Apple is expected to launch not one, but two different models of the iPhone 6: one with a 4.7-inch screen and a slightly larger 5.5-inch screen .

What do you think of the tactics Samsung uses to promote its products?