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New rumors point to Apple Watch Series 3 coming out in September

A recent report by Economic Daily News states that Apple would be working on the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3, which would take place in September of this year, who knows if it will be at the same time as the iPhone 8.

The economic magazine itself states that Quanta Computer, the leading manufacturer of Apple’s smart watch since the end of 2014, will increase its revenues in the second half of 2017 thanks, among other things, to the possible introduction of the Californian company’s ‘wasable’.

Apple Watch Series 3: plus processor and LTE connection

New rumors point to Apple Watch Series 3 coming out in September
New rumors point to Apple Watch Series 3 coming out in September

While it’s true that the main trump card that Cupertino’s people seem to be saving for this fall is the iPhone 8, the latest reports seem to indicate that could coincide with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3: “Quanta Computer is expected to enjoy a strong second half of 2017 thanks to growing demand for laptops, growing server sales and the launch of the next generation of Apple Watch. The apple company would be planning to launch its third generation Apple Watch in 2017 and the smart clock is likely to help make Quanta’s Apple Watch product line profitable. Although Compal Electronics has joined the Apple Watch supply chain, market observers believe that Apple will likely let Compal handle primarily older generation models. That’s what the prestigious Economic Daily News magazine says, so why not expect Apple to surprise us with this third generation of its Watch?

If the rumors are confirmed, Apple would shorten the presentation cycle of its smart clock from one and a half years to one year, since the Apple Watch Series 2 presentation took place in September last year.

Well, now that we know that there is a possibility that the third generation of the Apple smart clock will be presented, we move on to see the features that the ‘wereable’ that would be presented later this year will include:

  • LTE connection or cellular connection, which will allow us to carry out actions such as calling or accessing the Internet through a data connection without depending on the iPhone, something that until now was impossible to do with Apple’s smart clock. With this, we would see how Cupertino is trying to work on an Apple Watch model that is increasingly independent of the mobile phone.
  • The Apple Watch Series 3 will have a more powerful processor than its predecessor. While we don’t yet know which processor will come with this Watch, we do know that the Series 2 includes a dual-core processor with integrated GPS and GLONASS, so a more powerful processor in this new generation will mean faster, smoother loading of applications and other device features.

The Apple Watch, a hot topic in the Apple world

In the last few weeks there have been some headlines related to the Apple Watch, which is not very common. Last Friday we brought you the news that Apple will replace in some countries some models of the Original Watch by other Series 1 as the first ones include some defect, and today is the next generation, the Series 3, the one that comes out. Could Apple be working on making its smart watch more prominent? Who knows, only time will tell. For the moment we have to wait until September, a crucial date in the Apple world, to know if all these rumors are true.

Apple recently announced that it will change some models of the Original Apple Watch for others of the first generation due to several failures that the first ones presented.

How would you like Apple to introduce a new generation of its watch in September this year? Would you include any improvements other than the LTE connection and a better processor? Your opinion matters to us, so feel free to leave us a comment.