new renders with ‘space black


As we told you a couple of days ago, one of the novelties that Apple is supposed to present with the iPhone 7 is a new color so dark that it is colloquially known as ‘space black’. For the moment, these are all rumours and since Cupertino we have neither confirmation nor denial but this has not prevented the most creative people from showing us through renderings what the terminal would look like.

new renders with ‘space black
new renders with ‘space black

A few days ago we echoed a rather general simulation , but in the inexhaustible realm of the Internet a new render has emerged that is much more real and that brings us closer to what could be the definitive aspect of the team in our hands. In this sense, the designer Martin Hajek (who we already know from a few jobs) has used the designs obtained from the filtered information of the iPhone 7 to create a very realistic simulation.

However, even on the issue of color it seems that there has been no quorum, and MacRumors picks up the little mess that was initially made by advancing some means that the future new color of the iPhone would be a new all-blue. This rumor was cut by the healthy Mac Otakara clarifying that the new color was a very dark gray or the ‘space black’ that you can see in the renders.

This new and controversial new version of the iPhone would arrive at the end of the year and as we advance, one of the reasons why the manufacturer now bets on a new color would be to cover in part the absence of great novelties expected from this model.


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