New renderings of “iPhone XI” show a more discreet triple camera

The first image we have in mind of the next iPhone has aroused quite a lot of controversy, because the renderings based on the first leaks show a huge rear camera with three lenses that not everyone has liked. But don’t worry: now other reconstructions have appeared that show the same iPhone that we should see in September with a slightly more discreet triple camera system.

This is what you can see in the image above: as if the camera of the current iPhone XS had been moved from vertical to horizontal and had been repositioned in the center of the device . Those rumored three lenses would be kept in the camera, which would improve the quality of the photos and introduce advances in the detection of people and objects in 3D.

New renderings of “iPhone XI” show a more discreet triple camera
New renderings of “iPhone XI” show a more discreet triple camera

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Also, if we look at the front of the same render, we see that the hypothetical “iPhone XI” would have a smaller ‘notch’ . This fits in with the rumours that say precisely this and with the news that some Apple providers have already found a way to hide some of the sensors under an OLED screen.

The device’s frames would also become somewhat smaller, revealing an Apple that continues to investigate how to minimize anything other than the screen on the front of the phone . We can also think of two probabilities from this: either a slight reduction in the size of the phone while keeping the 5.8 or 6.5 inches of the current models, or vice versa with a slightly larger screen that eats the frames on a terminal with the same dimensions as the current one.

I don’t know what to prefer, but at the moment I like to prioritize the idea of even fewer frames on the iPhone. We’ll see what leaks we’ll see as long as the phones don’t show up.

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