New protectors from for the iPad

Let’s relax the machine a bit before this afternoon’s Keynote and let’s talk about’s new iPad protectors.

New protectors from for the iPad
New protectors from for the iPad

As with his younger brother for the iPhone, these resin protectors are based on a curious concept .

They offer a moderate protection against impacts and due to their resin construction they allow them to adhere to glass surfaces , as you can see in the image that starts this article. This time they have provided me with two protectors. One in white, which is the one I have installed in my first generation iPad and a second one in electric brown that I keep in the “bedroom”.

As you can see in the first picture, the protector allows us to place our iPad in tune with our iMac or Cinema display. Obviously, the way I’ve positioned it for the picture isn’t the best way, because it takes up so much of the screen. But it is possible to place it more towards the edge of the screen in order to see more of it. But this is not its biggest use. I think that in the case of the iPad, if we have the second generation, the protector makes more sense with the Smart Cover .

The protective film is ideal for leaving your iPad on any surface without fear of marks . Until now, the only protection I had for my iPad was a back case, which protected it completely, but this film allows me something I missed, to feel the touch of the aluminium of the back of the iPad. The truth is that as I said, the resin back sheet, along with the Smart Cover becomes a perfect protection for your iPad.

Your price? Just under 24 euros.

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