New Proporta iPod Cases and Cable Organiser

The release of a new generation of iPods also sees the emergence of new cases for them, some as original and which manage to change both the look of the MP3 player and the one we’ve been testing from Proporta. Alu-Crystal Case for 2nd Generation iPod nano

For starters, we’ve been testing this new, clear-looking, and rugged second-generation iPod nano case. The case is only compatible with this generation of the nano, it would not fit the original nano as the hole where the player enters is adapted for the new one.

New Proporta iPod Cases and Cable Organiser
New Proporta iPod Cases and Cable Organiser

It is a case designed to take us the nano “of battle “, protecting it properly. It has an opening for the clickwheel and upper and dock connectors. The back of the case has a metallic look , and on the sides there are small rubber strips that make it easy to hold the iPod in your hand.

In short, a great case to protect our iPod even from minor knocks or to prevent it from deteriorating with normal use, without sacrificing too much in appearance thanks to the transparent material with which the case is made.

Steel and Crystal Sleeves for 2G iPod shuffle

Without a doubt, these covers will add a touch of colour to the smallest player in the range. Both covers are very similar in concept, changing only the material they are made of.

The Crystal Sleeve ( in our case, blue ) looks like this once it is put on:

And from behind, it also looks great:

The case is really nice and allows to use the iPod without problems, including the rear clip. The opening for the controls fits perfectly and the clear blue accent looks great on a shuffle player.

As for the Steel Sleeve, the shuffle is as follows with it in place:

And from the back, it would look like this:

The case is securely fastened by simply sliding the iPod into it, and the look as you see gives a greater sense of protection than the Crystal we saw earlier. One of the things that could be blamed on this case is that the photos you see are from the pink case, although the case actually looks more orange than pink.

Another thing we have to keep in mind with these cases is the use of the dock. The cases fit the iPod perfectly, but the dock is calculated to the millimeter to be used without any addition to the player.

As you can see in the picture, the iPod with a case does not fit into the base as protrudes slightly from the side and prevents the player from properly entering the recess.

However, there is an easy solution to all this: the cover can be moved upwards a little to allow everything to run smoothly in this way:

In the case of the Crystal Sleeve we would have to remove the case completely, although it is very easy to assemble and disassemble it from the iPod.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that they are very robust cases and that I in particular have loved the Crystal cases for the touch of originality that they bring to the iPod. The Steel ones provide more protection against bumps and scratches and both fit like a glove to the player.

Alu-Crystal Case (Apple 2G iPod nano – 2GB
Proporta Cable Tidy

Crystal Sleeve (Apple 2G iPod shuffle)Más información
We also tried these curious “tidy up wires” from Proporta, which made a very good impression on me. They come in packs of two, and are magnetic . They can be used in many ways, for example, as a cable tidy up for the iPod headphones, which are always getting tangled up if you leave them “free” in your pocket:

They are very useful, especially if, as I said, we want to avoid cable clutter. Thanks to the magnetic anchorage it’s very quick to “stick” them between them or between their ends. Another great use we can give this product is that of holding the headphones on the clothes, putting a Tidy cable on the outside of it and another one on the inside. A very good option to keep in order all kind of cables.

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