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New patent shows a modular Apple Watch

If the Apple Watch is to make a name for itself in hospitals and in the clinical world, it must include many more sensors in order to measure many more vital signs in a non-invasive way . That is why Apple is looking for ways to make the Apple Watch more useful by using the pathways that connect the watch straps as shown in a patent collected by Appleinsider dated 2015.

Adding new sensors is difficult due to lack of space. The first option that was considered was to incorporate the sensors into the strap itself, but it seems that this patent shows the i ncorporation of the sensors in a plug-in on the back of the Apple Watch embedded in the slots of the straps.

New patent shows a modular Apple Watch
New patent shows a modular Apple Watch

This board would also be kept attached to the clock with a magnet so that the stability is much better, but this would have a downside, and that is that would make the device thicker something that we think is not in the minds of the company’s designers who want to have something totally opposite.

With this add-on, numerous sensors could be added to our intelligent clock, mainly designed for the health field. This is an ideal complement for hospitals that require non-invasive methods to measure certain vital signs.


This is a patent that has recently come to light but was filed by Apple in 2015. We will have to see how the incorporation of new sensors in the Apple Watch ends up evolving so that it adapts to the measurement of numerous vital signs.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this possible new addition to the Apple Watch.

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