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New or not so new Mac mini?

Among the many new features presented this afternoon on the stage of the San José Theatre is a Mac mini that looks the same as its predecessor but has a significantly changed interior. A simple update? Yes, but without a doubt we are facing a difficult to improve desktop. Would you like to reflect with us on all its new features?

As you all know, four hours ago Apple introduced a new Mac mini , the smallest desktop computer in its catalogue. I have always seen it as a good option for anyone who wants to combine it with the living room screen or wants to become part of Apple and the whole Mac ecosystem at a very low price. Many of you will wonder: Has Apple done its homework with the little brother of the Mac family? Is the device they showed us today really worth it? In my opinion yes, the new Mac mini is a highly recommended purchase and a product that is currently difficult to improve . Let’s take a closer look at it and see why.

An elegant and compact design

New or not so new Mac mini?
New or not so new Mac mini?

Apple has retained the compact aluminium design of the previous model . Its dimensions are really reduced and its little more than one kilo makes it a really easy device to transport or place anywhere . Another point in which it is victorious is the slot it has at the bottom, which will allow us to easily configure its hardware over time according to our needs.

More RAM and state-of-the-art processors: the key to success

This update has brought with it a Mac mini that houses double the RAM and the third generation of the Ivy Bridge processors developed by Intel , without a doubt two of the most important aspects in a computer. And does this have any noticeable influence on how our computer behaves? Sincerely and emphatically: yes. RAM memory will allow everything to flow more quickly (if possible), something that will be taken advantage of by processors twice as fast as those of your previous tenant. You can choose between a 2.5 GHz dual-core i5 or a 2.3 GHz quad-core i7 , which, while not being the top of the range, is more than powerful enough to handle the most demanding tasks .

Fusion Drive: Intel’s work reinvented by Apple

Apple presents us models of 500 GB and 1 TB , being able to exchange these hard disks for a solid disk of up to 320 GB and all the advantages that this offers. For all those who want a good combination of capacity and speed, Apple presents us with the Fusion Drive , a technology that Intel introduced in the Ivy Bridge (Smart Resonse Technology) which allows to combine a physical hard disk and another solid one, using the second one as a cache disk for the first one. This idea was already present in the old iMacs of 27″ (HDD + SSD), and it was us manually who managed the location of the files, but now their management is carried out in a totally transparent way at the hardware level by the processor. Everyone can put in larger hard drives, but Fusion Drive can be a major breakthrough for the Californian company in combining large storage capacity and almost instant access to any file .

Connectivity on all four sides

Here too we find a state-of-the-art computer . The characteristic Thunderbolt port is accompanied by another HDMI, four USB 3.0 ports, 802.11n Wi-Fi receiver and Bluetooth 4, all of which are the latest versions of the well-known standards they support .


At first glance it may seem like a simple hardware upgrade , but this is a desktop that is difficult to improve after all we have seen. In my opinion, anyone who wants to buy a computer of this type would make a very good purchase, having an improved model from last year and which maintains the same price .

What about you guys? Do you agree with me? Did you expect anything else from this new Mac mini? Do you think it could be improved in any way? At Applesupportphonenumber we care about your opinion!

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