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New Notification Concept for iOS 7

For some time now, one of the biggest criticisms of Apple and its flagship is the need for a renewal of the iOS interface; to be honest, and although iOS 6 is an outstanding operating system, it could do with a facelift. That must have been the thinking of Sentry, a designer who sent us a concept detailing what notifications should look like in the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Are you going to miss it?

It was the year 2007 when Steve Jobs dazzled the world from the Macworld show stage with an iPhone, which although not as powerful as the rest of the devices of the time, ended up giving a 180-degree turn to the concept that we had had until then of smartphone .

New Notification Concept for iOS 7
New Notification Concept for iOS 7

Almost six years later, its success has been more than demonstrated while iOS 6 is a far cry from that initial version of the operating system, then called iPhone OS. However, despite the numerous revisions it has undergone, many parts of its interface have survived the test of time and remain intact. Some, such as the design of the icons on the springboard , still make sense today while others are already calling for an overt redesign. For example, notifications.

Until iOS 5, all application notifications or system alerts were displayed through a pop-up which only had two options, Close and View. When the above-mentioned update came out , strips were introduced, a new style of alerts which, although qualitatively improved, failed to hit the mark.

The strips are minimalist and unobtrusive. They provide the necessary information in a condensed form, taking up a tiny part of the screen, but perhaps the biggest problem with notifications in iOS is precisely that the classic alerts still exist and have never been improved.

At the moment, we don’t know if Jony Ive, who will go on to lead the design team on iOS after Scott Forstall’s departure, will have anything to say about it. Much is expected of him, and although the face-lifting needed by the operating system will be a difficult task, the future looks quite bright.

Perhaps with the intention of facilitating their work, a designer named Sentry has published in The Verge a very interesting concept of how notifications should look in iOS 7. In his design, he wanted to focus mainly on two distinct parts:

The first noticeable difference when you press any notification would be the appearance of two new buttons, one to discard it and another that would allow us to enable a field to create a quick response. This way, we’d be able to instantly reply to any Facebook, Twitter or iMessage message without having to leave the active application.

System alerts

Secondly, highlighted the remaining notifications push from the operating system, i.e. permission requests, low battery alerts or available Wi-Fi networks, to name a few.

Thus, the proposed solution would be to divide the screen in two from the center to display the notification in the empty space; a behavior similar to that of the Siri interface.

It’s always a joy to find such fresh ideas, so I wouldn’t mind at all seeing these changes applied in future iOS revisions; in the meantime, we just have to keep our fingers crossed that Mr. Ive will bring out all his ingenuity and give birth to an operating system that, once again, will get us out of our seats.

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