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New Music and TV applications filtered

We are one week away from the new generation of Apple operating systems, and we are already used to the fact that most of the new features we will see will be filtered out of the previous presentations. After the filtering yesterday of some of the features of iOS 13, today it has been the turn of macOS 10.15 of which have been filtered two screenshots that would show the new applications of Music and TV.

We’ve already talked at length about how iTunes is slowly being unravelled and there were already many rumours that the music part was going to be separated from iTunes in this 10.15 macOS. This new leak that we have just known through 9to5mac would confirm this news that would be officially announced on June 3rd.

New Music and TV applications filteredNew Music and TV applications filtered

If you end up confirming the new Music on MacOS application, there will be many who will enter iTunes very little. In the end it seems that this app will be left to update devices and make backups and who knows if in the not too distant future we will stop seeing it on our Macs.

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The truth is that it could be a bit of a hassle to get into iTunes every time we want to listen to music through our Apple Music subscription. Now we will have something that we already see in iOS as it is an application dedicated to this function, something that we see with good eyes. In this screenshot we see a very minimalist design with a side menu where the contents are classified as radios or our favorite albums.

The other screenshot that has been filtered in the 9to5mac media shows the new TV application. This is not a surprise as it was announced in the March service keynote. In this application, as we have in iOS, we will have our series and movies grouped together, as well as being able to watch the original Apple TV+ series or the recently released channels in the future.

We are undoubtedly facing some very intense weeks, with leaks of what we will end up seeing on 3 June in the inaugural keynote of WWDC 2019.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about these leaks, do you give them truthfulness?