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new model shows its possible design

Although there are still 10 months to go before the iPhone 12 is available on the market, many rumors have already arisen about the features it will include and also about the design. Beyond the rumors that remain written on paper, now has emerged a new model of Macotakar that would show us the design of this new iPhone that will see the light next year.

There have been some rumours that the borders of this new iPhone 12 will be very similar to those we saw on the iPhone 4 and 4s . We saw this design on the iPad Pro presented in 2018 and now in 2020 it is possible that it will be moved to the iPhone. It’s not a bad idea since we follow that natural evolution of designs.

new model shows its possible design
new model shows its possible design

So that we can imagine what this equipment would look like, in YouTube we have found a Macotakara model where this iPhone is shown taking Alibaba font. But obviously we already know that this information may not be very accurate so we should not trust 100% . The video where this model is shown can be found below:

This model by the dimensions would correspond to an iPhone 12 Pro Max with a screen that would reach 6,7″ according to different rumors. If we see it from the sides it reminds us a lot of an iPad Pro and also an iPhone 4 with straight edges and without the curvature that we see in the iPhone nowadays. But even though a larger screen will be included, the chassis will hardly change as the edges will be reduced a little so that the size in hand is not monstrous.

In addition to these edges, other details can be seen on the sides, such as the position of the buttons on the left that have been lowered slightly. On the right side you can also see that the SIM card slot as the lock button has been moved down.

But there’s more to it than that. Rumors about the Apple Pencil are gaining weight again because in this model we found the Smart Connector that we see in the iPad Pro. This is the one used to recharge the Apple Pencil, but obviously this one will not be compatible because of the dimensions. We are somewhat skeptical about the launch of a pencil that can be used on the iPhone because it will have to find a clear utility.

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