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New method of distributing apps by volume

Volume purchase of apps is a facility that Apple provides to thousands of businesses and educational institutions worldwide, including in Spain where this program is also present. But the installation of apps linked to this program, through the App Store’s redemption codes, was a bit cumbersome for the staff of companies and centres. Find out how Apple has improved this by allowing remote installation from the App Store, launching a single request to our entire network of iOS 7 devices.

Announced last October, the new method of distributing apps by volume from the App Store is now available in several countries, including Spain. But what is that? Well, if we are a company or an educational institution (college or university) we have the option to register as such through an Apple ID and be able to buy apps or books by volume.

New method of distributing apps by volume
New method of distributing apps by volume

Imagine you have a company where you use a lot, for example, the app GoodReader , which is paid for. Or, you have a hospital where they will use a app that is fee-based. With Apple, the company can sign up and purchase volume licenses for a app , distributing them to devices in their fleet .

Similarly, if we are an educational centre, we can register as such and access the Apple Education App Store , an independent store from the App Store for the general public, where we can buy in volume those apps that interest us, with a significant discount of up to 50% off the price of them. The developers, when uploading their developments, decide if they want them to be part of this program or not and the college or university, has the option to acquire them by number of licenses to be installed on their devices .

But until now, the method of distributing such licenses was that an administrator would log in, buy the app or book and Apple would send a series of redemption codes that the administrator had to distribute for the installation of each device or load them into a management system such as Apple Configurator . Now this has changed and we can have a fleet of devices registered and authorize the automatic and remote installation of certain apps , redeeming these licenses purchased by volume.

In this way, the contents we have acquired will be automatically downloaded or installed on those devices we authorize. The program is available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States, and requires an automated fleet management system such as Profile Manager from OS X Server .


In addition, this system also supports custom applications ( in-app house ) and private apps . In this way, companies that pay to be part of Apple’s enterprise development program, in order to create their own ecosystem of apps and their own App Store , can also benefit from this new automatic installation system.

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