New manufacturers, patents and evidence of the iPhone 4G

9to5mac (1, 2), Appleinsider

Pegatron has been chosen to become a new manufacturer of the phone and join the other companies that already have a contract with Apple to manufacture the device, such as Foxconn.

New manufacturers, patents and evidence of the iPhone 4G
New manufacturers, patents and evidence of the iPhone 4G

In addition, it seems that the manufacture of the iPhone 4G is already underway, because the 3.2 version of the SDK that Apple has distributed along with the presentation of the iPad hides device codes that had not been seen before: K48 and N89. Knowing that the code of the iPhone 3GS is the N88, we can suspect that are the codes of the iPad and the iPhone 4G . In addition, the recently released Apple 3.1.3 firmware also contains another new code, the N80, which supposedly belongs to a new iPod touch.

As for the new software that the phone can have, Appleinsider brings us a patent that describes a system by which we can share our location with the person we are talking to with just the press of a button , so we would save ourselves from having to enter the mapping application in the middle of a call. The system includes a list of trusted users for the user, and permissions when wanting to share our location.

Little by little, more details are appearing about the phone that, according to Jobs, has to take a good advantage of the Nexus One from Google . From the point of view of both the hardware and the software, it seems that there will be advances, but as always we do not know the key points from which Apple will innovate.


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