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New Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard Filtered by FCC

It’s been years since we’ve seen a revival of Apple peripherals – the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and Apple Wireless Keyboard. Well, a few sizes of new versions of Magic Mouse and the Wireless Keyboard have been filtered through the FCC. According to the labels, the new mouse will be called Magic Mouse 2 and the keyboard will remain unchanged in name , apparently.

The images unfortunately do not show any changes to the devices, except for what appears to be a keyboard off switch. Of course doesn’t look like the current model as the four legs leave it flat instead of having a fattened top so that the keyboard has a certain inclination and is more comfortable to type on. From this one we can expect a battery for the first time, the butterfly key layout as with the new MacBook, and the backlighting to work comfortably in the darkest environments.

New Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard Filtered by FCC
New Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard Filtered by FCC

As for the mouse, it could also inherit the Force Touch capabilities we already have in the Apple Watch, MacBook and MacBook Pro, and soon in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. This would be the case with the new Magic Mouse 2, which will bring Force Touch to iMacs, Mac mini and Mac Pro, not leaving it as an exclusive feature of laptops .

There’s no trace of the Magic Trackpad in this leak, but at a minimum would include the Force Touch, battery and a Wireless Keyboard design to be in line if they coexist on a desktop.

As for their connection, they would include Bluetooth 4.2 instead of the Bluetooth 2.0 used by current models. The latter is much more energy efficient than Bluetooth 2.0, so the range would increase enormously. Thanks to this, the devices could have a lithium battery integrated, and allow us to forget about charging them in months . The only bad thing is that being Bluetooth 4.2 was not retro-compatible with older devices, and Macs with some years could no longer enjoy the new keyboards and mice.

As for the release date, we wouldn’t know anything about it, because they could arrive at the event of the new iPhones passing quickly by the new Macs with Intel Skylake , bringing under their arm the new keyboards and mice, or directly Apple could leave all this out of the event, and present them on any Tuesday from its website with a press release.