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New MacBook Pro in sight?

As every week, we summarize the most important thing that has happened during these seven days in the world of the bitten apple company. This week we’re highlighting the upcoming revamp of Apple’s flagship notebook, the MacBook Pro. There are many signs that indicate a big change from the current model and a renewal of the design. On the other hand, Apple’s news has been a little busy this week. If you don’t want to miss any of the details of what’s happened, don’t miss The Best of the Week.

They say that when the river sounds water leads. And if we take the case of the popular Spanish saying, we have a clear case, very clearly referring to the MacBook Pro range. And it is that various specialized media in the United States are echoing how suppliers are beginning to have a shortage of the 15-inch model , which Apple is rumored to be about to update.

New MacBook Pro in sight?
New MacBook Pro in sight?

This is not the first piece of news that tells us that Apple has strengthened the production of “new” 15-inch models that would seem to be characterized by greater thinness and lightness, the adoption of the Ivy Bridge platform as far as processors are concerned and perhaps the absence of an optical unit. The date shown on all pools is April 29th for these Quad Core from Intel, while the Dual Core Ivy Bridge that the 13-inch model of the MacBook Pro is supposed to be mounted on would take longer, which would postpone its launch until June .

In parallel to all this, Apple is already working on iOS 6 and iTunes 11 , and some selected developers who have already had access to the first beta versions of iTunes 11 warn us not to expect any face-lifts of the application or changes in its design, which will remain unchanged for one more version. Rather we will see changes at the internal level and performance, such as a greater role for iCloud in this new iteration.

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We remind you that you can also read through Google Currents all the news of Difoosion as a virtual magazine, another way to be always up to date.

That’s it for today , see you next week telling you the best of Apple’s news and many other things.

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