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new logo and interface for the app in iOS and Android

Facebook held its annual developer conference last week, at which a redesign of the interface for mobile devices was announced. In the case of iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, this update was done in a staggered manner, that is, not all users had the new interface and many of them still maintained the usual one. However, yesterday, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg launched the final update that not only changed this interface but also updated its characteristic logo.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the recent times have not been good for Facebook as a company. Their ongoing privacy scandals have featured in numerous newspaper articles and even filled TV debates around the world. However, beyond all this, the application developers try to provide the best possible user experience and therefore regularly release updates with small improvements and security fixes.

new logo and interface for the app in iOS and Android
new logo and interface for the app in iOS and Android

The latest Facebook update in iOS, version 220.0 , incorporates important new features. The first and most obvious of these can be seen without even opening the application. It is the logo change , which adopts a lighter shade of blue and moves the “f” more to the center , trying to make the image more symmetrical. This change is not at all casual and it resembles the colors of Facebook Messenger.

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As for the interface , we can see how the developers have tried to give more purity to the main view by removing the blue shades and making white the color that abounds throughout the background and navigation bars. Even the word “Facebook” is visible at the top left of the main screen. Also the lower buttons that give access to different sections have added more facilities to access groups and other communities.

For the moment, the web version of the social network is still intact. However it is possible that in future weeks or months we will also see a new version that will bring it up to date with the iOS and Android versions. Certainly the desktop version requires a facelift to make it much more accessible and intuitive.

Have you tried the new Facebook interface yet? What do you think? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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