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New iPods, Apple TV, iTunes 10. We’ve already tried them!

Immediately after finishing the keynote, Apple provided us with a special press area called Press Lounge , where I could try and touch for the first time all the new products presented today.

The new iPod shuffle is a combination of the second-generation wheel and the third-generation shape. Lightweight, as usual, and small in size, it’s perhaps the least surprising iPod because of precisely this combination of shapes and ideas from previous generations.

New iPods, Apple TV, iTunes 10. We’ve already tried them!
New iPods, Apple TV, iTunes 10. We’ve already tried them!

However, iPod nano is something completely new: It is a multitouch screen, with the same sensitivity as the iPhone (it is not a Retina Display), but tremendously light, very light. It’s very comfortable to wear and now this nano comes with a clip. “No more bracelets,” as Steve Jobs just said.

The iPod touch is also extremely thin. Very, very thin, and careful, this does not prevent the camera integrated in the new touch from being

5mpx 1.3 megapixels and yes, you can take photos and record video in HD (on the previous generation nano you could only take videos). The way the new iPod touch works is basically the iPhone 4 we all know, the same screen and the same operation. But as I say, the very thin thickness makes it very attractive.

Apple TV running on a 50″ screen looks tremendously good, both in terms of speed of execution and visual quality. And also, again, the size. Next to the TV, it’s completely discreet and weighs very little. However, we will not see it in Spain for the time being (it will only be shown in Germany, France, Ireland and the UK, Australia, USA). Let’s hope that Apple will dare to take it out soon.

I’ve also been able to take a quick “walk” through iTunes 10, it seems to speed up the navigation of the whole environment, and Ping works very much like a “music Facebook, with touches of Twitter”. This, however, you can try out for yourself today.

And this is a first approach to the products. In the next few days we will be detailing more of the characteristics of each product up until the time of its release. I attach a quick gallery with some photos of both the products and the magnificent facilities that Apple has prepared for us in London.