New iPod touch icon leaks in iOS 12.2 beta

A few weeks ago a rumor appeared that Apple was working on a new version of the iPod touch that we would soon see. It seems that Apple has decided to update the oldest devices in its catalogue and, after MacBook Air and Mac mini, it’s the turn of iPod touch and iPad mini.

Not many people trusted this information, but now an icon has appeared in the latest iOS 12.2 beta that could have confirmed the new iPod touch . This latest beta also changed other iOS icons and it is possible that the final version will appear after the rumored keynote at the end of March.

New iPod touch icon leaks in iOS 12.2 beta
New iPod touch icon leaks in iOS 12.2 beta

This is not the first time that a system icon confirms the design of an Apple device, it’s something that already happened with the iPhone X and the new iPad Pro. The radical design change of these devices makes it easier to find differences between the icons.

As you can see in the image, the new iPod touch will have a frameless design in which the Home button disappears and, something very curious, there is no notch . This way the design is closer to what we understand by all screen although that would mean not having Face ID.

The current Apple iPod touch has no recognition system , Touch ID never made it into the Apple iPod range. So not having Face ID is not a surprise, plus this will improve the design and reduce the cost of the device.

This iOS 12.2 leak was noticed by a Twitter user named Johnathan Mitchell while was diving into the iOS 12.2 code . In addition to this icon, another user named Jake McCabe has more information that would confirm the seventh generation iPod touch, Apple itself would have mistaken his iPod and sent him a message that he is logged into an iPhone touch 7.

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