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New iPhones appear in a limp keynote

The keynote is over, the nerves of waiting have disappeared and we have all the news that has been presented to us, so it is time to look back and see what has been presented and what opinion we can get from it all. After seeing a “just” phone disappear and seeing new ones being born, we can ask ourselves what do we think of this keynote? Come in and share it with us.

The keynote has been completed, and now we have met the new members of the Bite Apple family : the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s. We already know the features of Apple’s new flagship, with its sensor Touch ID , its double flash for an enhanced and supervitamin camera and its 64-bit A7 processor that will make our phone fly. We also know the new iPhone 5c, which is nothing more than the iPhone 5, with a plastic case in five different colours , but with a heart of steel to protect a A6 processor , a retina display and a high quality iSight camera.

New iPhones appear in a limp keynote
New iPhones appear in a limp keynote

Over the last few months we’ve been receiving a veritable bombardment of rumours, news and photos that augured well for a keynote full of surprises and news , but, although we’ve received a few surprises, we’ve seen the right ones. Because let’s think… from what we have seen today, is there anything that has really surprised us? Have we seen anything that we can say that Apple has innovated again? I can safely say that we have not.

However, we did get some surprises. In what way? First of all, we have seen how Apple has decided to remove, without any explanation, its last created phone, the iPhone 5 . This “top of the range” until a few hours ago, has completely disappeared, being eclipsed or absorbed by its twin brother, the iPhone 5c. Because let’s be honest, this “low-cost” phone that we all hoped for, is nothing more than an iPhone 5 with a new plastic dress . It includes absolutely nothing new. Well, yes, a case full of holes that will attract few, at least from my point of view.

It’s true that so many expectations we had made with all the rumours and what we saw in the last keynote had given us a lot of hope for what we could find today, but this keynote, at least for me, has seemed like an attempt to keep the attention , but without having something really explosive to show. Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 5s is a real beast, and as soon as I can it’s going to end up in my pocket, but to make a one and a half hour keynote to present something that we already knew, like iOS 7, which will be released next 18th, a plastic remodelling of the iPhone 5 and, of course, a brown beast like the iPhone 5s , the truth is that I think it’s a bit excessive.

And I think that Apple should also have the same opinion, since they have had to fill the last 20 minutes with a mini-concert by Elvis Costello , who has taken the opportunity to present his new album. I imagine that it has been so that the assistants have another thing in that to think that the disappearance of the iPhone 5, the maintenance of the 4s like new “lowcost” and the appearance without surprises of the new iPhone 5s. And I say no surprises because nothing that has been lent today has caught us by surprise , because everything was seen in the latest rumors, even the Touch ID sensor. Something that, by the way, I find a bit sad. Where is the aura of mystery that used to surround Apple?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen that Apple is changing, that Cook is not Jobs and that the way forward is different . I hope that Cupertino’s people know where they are going, because many users are starting to not distinguish well the path they are following. I personally expect much more from Apple, because that’s what they’ve been giving me all along and that’s what I’m used to. I don’t mean that I have to be constantly innovating, because that’s impossible, but at least, keep the bar a little higher than the competition . As I see it, Apple is no longer the “independent” company it has always been, but a commercial company.

In a few days we will be able to enjoy the new features that have been presented to us , but in the meantime I am a little disappointed. At least this is my opinion. What is yours? What do you think of this keynote? What about the new models that have been introduced?

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