New iPhone XI render and information on which models will carry the triple camera

The market trend and the latest rumours clearly indicate that Apple’s iPhone XI will be equipped with a triple camera. At least in some of its versions. We already know that lately Cupertino’s company is used to launching terminals in several sizes and according to that size some exclusive features such as the camera are determined. The last case we saw on the iPhone 8 is that while the 4.7-inch model included a single lens, the Plus model included a double lens. Now we know new information about how the cameras of the iPhone 2019 could be and which of them will have the triple camera.

The Japanese blog Macotakara, has published today images with a model of what could be a triple camera iPhone 2019 . Beyond resembling other renders seen so far, the truth is that these new ones look more like the design of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. In this way we see how Apple could incorporate the three lenses and the flash in a square encapsulation much more symmetrical than other designs that have been appearing.

New iPhone XI render and information on which models will carry the triple camera
New iPhone XI render and information on which models will carry the triple camera

Source: Macotakara

According to the aforementioned media, this year we would not see a triple camera only in the largest device but we could see it in both . This time what would limit the exclusions would be the internal memory capacity a. Thus we could see a triple camera on those iPhone XI, both large and small, of 256 GB or more. The 64 GB devices, on the other hand, regardless of their size, would incorporate the already known double camera.

The fact that Apple adds some exclusivity to its larger capacity devices is also not new as such. In the case of iPhone 7 we already saw how the 128 and 256 GB devices could incorporate the so-called Jet Black or glossy black colour. However, this was not a determining feature in the operation of the device, since in the end the color is something only visual.

Obviously the information we have at this point in the year cannot yet be considered very reliable . After all, there are still 6 months to go before Tim Cook takes the stage at the Steve Jobs Theatre to present us with the iPhone 2019. We therefore recommend that you ‘get a grip’ on this information. However, and taking into account what happened in previous years, it is possible that some things do happen as the incorporation of the triple camera, but finally with another design.

What do you think of this model and the fact that only the larger iPhone adopted the triple camera? Leave your impressions in the comments.

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