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New iPhone accessories, new cases and new dock

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One of the things I’ve come to miss most since the original iPhone release is the charging cradle . It was a “gift” that Apple gave you when you bought their Smartphone and the truth is that it was a real convenience when it came to charging the iPhone. Now Apple renews them

New iPhone accessories, new cases and new dock
New iPhone accessories, new cases and new dock

They have already appeared as an accessory for the iPhone with a Lightning connector. Today Apple has revamped them by changing their look to match the colour of the back of your iPhone. It is available in the same four colours as the iPhone 6s , Space Silver, Gold and Pink Gold. It costs 59 euros, the white plastic model that already existed is priced at 45 euros in the Apple Store.

We also see how Apple has introduced new cases for the iPhone 6s which comes to emphasize that the difference in size of the new iPhone is not so much since they are compatible with the iPhone 6. Both leather and silicone. The prices are the same as the previous model, only that there are new colors in Lavender and Pink Gray, Turquoise or Pink.

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