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New iPhone 6s repair program that “shuts itself down

This morning we told you about the iPhone 6s Plus repair program that Apple had started and now the company has announced another one for the iPhone 6s. Specifically this new program affects some of the iPhone 6s manufactured between September and October 2015 and which in some cases suffer unexpected shutdowns .

As explained by Apple on the iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues page, the issue appears to be related to the batteries in some iPhone 6s units manufactured on the dates mentioned. This problem causes the smartphone to shut down completely , even if the charge indicator shows enough to keep on working for a few more hours.

New iPhone 6s repair program that “shuts itself down
New iPhone 6s repair program that “shuts itself down

This time it is not possible to check online if our terminal is among those affected, so the company recommends that if we have been affected by the problem we contact technical support or go to an Apple Store so they can check the equipment.

Unlike the iPhone 6s Plus screen repair program, in this case Apple does recognize that this is a manufacturing fault, so repair is completely free for affected users. In addition, they also offer a refund for people who have changed the battery on their own when presented with this issue.

The company asks users to carry out the following actions before requesting repairs to their affected terminals:

Once these steps have been completed, the terminal will be ready for Apple to pick it up in case we choose to call the telephone support service or to deliver it to an Apple Store if we choose the physical visit option.

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