New iPhone 5 may incorporate in-cell touch panels


The number of rumours about Apple’s new iPhone has skyrocketed over the last few weeks… which is logical, since, in theory, Apple’s new terminal is already in production.

New iPhone 5 may incorporate in-cell touch panels
New iPhone 5 may incorporate in-cell touch panels

But today we have come across a pleasant surprise, in the form of a rumour, of course. And that is that the next iPhone could incorporate new multitouch in-cell panels

AppleInsider states the following:

According to this statement, Wintek , the regular supplier of Apple screens, has experienced a significant drop in sales during the month of June, more than 30%. Moreover, over the last five years, June has been the month in which Wintek has recorded the highest volume of sales, obviously due to orders from the all-powerful Apple.

Wintek, in principle, does not manufacture in-cell Touch panels. This could indicate that Apple has decided to incorporate this technology into the new iPhone 5 and to move Wintek away from it. Toshiba, Sharp and Sony are the companies that manufacture this type of screen and are anticipated as potential suppliers to Apple. At the moment we cannot confirm anything because, as always, Apple does not say much about the…

The sixth generation of the iPhone will arrive, according to rumours, next October , with a 4-inch screen and many other improvements that will make it very different from its predecessor.

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