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New iPhone 5 design ends the market for customizable back panels

Because it was so easy to replace the glass back panel on iPhone 4 and 4S, many users decided to customize it with panels they bought to give their phone a touch of class. Even more than one of you will have been saved from the shock of having this glass broken after a fall. Now, with the new unibody design of the iPhone 5, this simple practice becomes physically impossible due to the way this iPhone is built.

One of the most interesting aspects of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S was the design of its back panel . In addition to the infinite number of cases available for these phones, had created a secondary market for customisable back panels , as if we were in the era of the Nokia 3310 with coloured cases.

New iPhone 5 design ends the market for customizable back panels
New iPhone 5 design ends the market for customizable back panels

Although it wasn’t as easy as removing a cover, it was a very simple procedure: by simply removing the two lower screws the glass cover was removed and replaced by the one we wanted, a couple of minutes operation.

We had carbon fibre housings, coloured polycarbonate panels or even wood. But that’s over with the new design of the iPhone 5 .

Now we have a unibody chassis that comes out of the device, where the central rear part is part of the sides of the antennas , so the only replaceable part will be the two glass ends. To disassemble this iPhone now you probably have to start with the screen. But we’ll only know this when the iFixit guys get their hands on it.

Do you remember those rumours that said that the design of the iPhone 5 kept many similarities with the one of the iPhone 3G3GS? No, didn’t refer to the shape but to the assembly , now much more complex, and with a unibody chassis.

But let’s not put our hands on our heads. These cases, while effective and adding a touch of distinction to the iPhone in a simple way, voided the warranty . A marked screw easily shows the service technician that the device has been tampered with. We will be able to continue using customized vinyl as always, like the Skinat ones, which we have already told you about in Applesupportphonenumber.

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