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New iPad, the iPhone SE of Apple tablets

No renewed iPad Pro, no 10.5-inch model. The leaks from the supply chain were wrong. Or at least didn’t get the timing right , which could be later this year or in the spring of next year. In any case, the new features presented yesterday have only brought us interesting changes in the regular iPad and a single storage change in the mini model. The first one is the one that has caught my attention the most, since we could call it iPad SE.

This is the new “iPad SE”

Last year, Apple brought back the four-inch format for its iPhone SE. A design that, for many, is still valid. A classic that saw the light in 2012 from the hand of the iPhone 5 and that was perfected with its successor the iPhone 5s . In its bowels it hid the best of an iPhone 6s: camera, RAM, A9 chip, Apple Pay and a slight increase in battery power. At the same time, it maintained size, screen and Touch ID, leaving out the second generation of this sensor and 3D Touch technology. And the best for the end: a price of 489 euros including VAT.

New iPad, the iPhone SE of Apple tablets
New iPad, the iPhone SE of Apple tablets

Looking at the features of the renewed iPad yesterday, one has the feeling that the company has repeated plays with its tablet . Let’s see how it looks compared to its predecessor, the iPad Air 2:

  • Increase in thickness and weight, something little mentioned in the hours following its launch. The iPad Air weighed 437 grams and was 6.1mm thick. The renewed iPad weighs 469 grams and is 7.5mm thick. Both in models without cellular connectivity.
  • A9 chip instead of A8X. It is not the last chip from Apple, that honor corresponds to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with the A10 Fusion. Both chips are very similar in performance, so we can expect iOS updates until 2020 or so.
  • M9 coprocessor instead of M8, to perform other tasks different from the main processor.
  • Same cameras of 1.2 and 8 MP respectively.
  • Same 2GB RAM and same storage capacity of 32 or 128GB.
  • Same Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity

The price is lower on the renewed iPad . It is 399 euros of the current model compared to the iPad Air 2 and its 429 euros. Given these points, one might ask, who is this iPad intended for?

An “iPad SE” to renew and grow in education

No keyboard or possibility to use the Apple Pencil. And a price that is almost half that of an iPad Pro. Three fundamental differences when analyzing this new iPad. Seen like this, there are two market segments this iPad SE is aimed at.


The first one is for those users who still have an iPad 2 or 3. And if we hurry, an iPad 4. These are models that still have the intermediate design between the original and the current one, with a 30-pin connector (except on the iPad 4) and that are no longer supported on iOS or are about to lose it. These are devices that are between four and six years old, almost nothing.

¿Debe el iPad imitar al Mac para volver a crecer?

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The second is education, a market in which Google Chromebook and its low price seem to be making a dent in the iPad. According to Fraser Speirs, an expert in the deployment of these devices in schools and who we interviewed last year, with this new iPad Apple would have eliminated the price argument in favor of Google.

Thanks to the education discount, the remote management program and the possibility for several students to use the same device, the cost per computer decreases substantially . If schools are missing a keyboard, Logitech has already announced its own sleeve that includes it. On its own, this iPad isn’t going to make Apple’s tablet segment rebound, but it is a step in shoring up what already exists and delving into an important niche.

We will have to wait for the WWDC to see if Apple decides to make iPad-specific improvements to iOS. Something we’ve been waiting for.

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