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New iPad Air 2 May Have Anti-Reflective Screen

Production of the iPad Air 2 may have begun

We are at a time when the new generation of iPad is not only necessary, but urgent (and very) to Apple. With the sales of the tablet that redefined the segment at its lowest levels for years, the guys at Cupertino need to renew their range to regain the attention of the public that is looking the other way. And now according to the latest information published by Bloomberg, this launch seems to be even closer than expected.

Some sources that have been consulted by the news agency have pointed out that the production of the iPad Ai 2 has already started in the factories of Foxconn and Pegatron , which are also in charge of manufacturing other devices for Apple. These sources also point out that the supply chain could have some problems meeting the initial demand due to the new screen that has been developed by Apple, which would apparently have a new anti-reflection treatment that would be slowing down the pace of production.

New iPad Air 2 May Have Anti-Reflective Screen
New iPad Air 2 May Have Anti-Reflective Screen

At this point, a glare protected screen may not be the best choice from a visual point of view for the use of games and applications with high visual impact , but it is true that at the same time it can be much more practical for the consumption of movies and written content, where Apple might want to do some more emphasis.

The iPad and its great impact among professionals

The company has traditionally prided itself on its lectures on the impact its tablets make in professional and academic environments, as well as simple reading devices. A text-optimized display could be a pretty important letter if Apple wants to revive its sales in this sector. It must be said that all the rumours point to the fact that Apple will renew both the iPad Air and its Mini version , which will have 9.7 and 7.9 inch screens respectively.

It must be said that there are few novelties, in terms of design, that this new iPad Air 2 will offer. In 2013 it took on the same aesthetic as the Mini Retina with its bevelled edges and a significant reduction in its weight, frames and overall dimensions. It is also assumed that will renew its current processor for the A8 , something that at this point very few doubt, and it is also commented that Apple could further reduce the thickness of their tablets in addition to including the technology of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that so far is only on the iPhone 5s, in its entire iPad family.

As they say in Bloomberg, Cupertino’s could separate the launch of their two models, with the intention of not competing with each other. This could position the launch of the iPad Air 2 in October and delay the new Mini with Retina screen to December. However, this last rumour is unlikely to happen, just as it did not happen last year with their previous models.

What do you think about the possibility of the new iPad Air 2 including a screen with new anti-reflection technology? Do you think it would benefit the Apple tablet? Let us know what you think.